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9/27/2018 5:51 am  #1

Best microfiber hair towel

Best microfiber hair towel can be indispensable when it comes to drying your hair. Microfiber hair towel reviews offer several advantages over regular hair towels. The first advantage they have is that they dry faster. This means that when you’re busy in the morning and have a million things to do, your hair will be dried quickly and efficiently leaving you more time to other things done (like getting the kids breakfast and out the door!) The second great thing about a microfiber hair wrap is that you can put your hair up in one of these towels and leave it there for half an hour and when you finally get time to do your hair it’s almost dry but it’s still manageable.
This cuts way down on the time it takes to dry your hair not to mention your hair will be healthier, you’ll have fewer split ends and your hair will look better too! And because of the properties of microfiber the hair turban will dry off quicker meaning that you can take a couple of showers or wash your hair later in the day and the towel will be dry and ready to use.
The only reason you would need another one is for when the first hair towel is in the wash. And speaking of wash, microfiber hair towels are extremely easy to take care of. All you have to do is throw it in the wash with all your other clothes. That’s it! It cleans just like a regular towel. The only thing you have to be careful of is not to add any fabric softeners. The microfiber materials will absorb the fabric softener and it takes forever to come out. If this happens you’re better off getting another one.

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