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General Discussion » What is Power Truck 1.5 ton » 12/07/2018 10:21 pm

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Electric Forklift 1.5 tons NRS is an electric forklift manufactured by Niuli. Vehicles used for unloading, unloading, transporting goods onto trucks, container trucks or warehouse.

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The advantages of 1.5 ton electric forklift
- PG controller from UK system. CANBUS
- Hydraulic power supply with high capacity, stable operation. Less noise generation.
- AC motor with vertical wheels

- There are bars on the sides
- 1.5 ton electric forklift truck with advanced electronic driving system
- Battery has high storage capacity. Make sure your car is strong and lasting.
- Equipped with emergency stop switch and electric lock

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Stainless steel forklift is a specialized forklift used in high-hygienic environments such as food processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, marine, cold storage. Made from high quality nylon, not corroded in water environment and low temperature.

Stainless Steel Handlebar CBY.BX is manufactured by Niuli - the leading forklift manufacturer in China. Niuli hand pallet truck products are always at the forefront of quality and are widely used in Vietnam. Stainless steel forklifts on the market today are much cheaper than when it first appeared. Therefore, customers are paying more attention to this product.

To receive a stainless steel stainless steel forklift, please contact us at 0702.666.937 or text us via the chat box in the lower right corner.


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